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Hundreds of wizards-for-a-day celebrate "Harry Potter" saga in Argentina

HARRY POTTER (ADDS VIDEO) | 07 de febrero de 2020

Buenos Aires, Feb 6 (efe-epa).- Hundreds of fans left their "muggle" (non-magical) life to one side on Thursday to attend "Harry Potter Book Night" in Buenos Aires, a celebration where followers of the franchise of the young magician with round spectacles recreated his adventures and got their fill of the magic permeating that literary universe.

The axis around which this fifth edition of Book Night revolved was the "Triwizard Tournament," the magician competition that takes place in the fourth book of the saga, "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire," and which was recreated in the gardens of the British Embassy Residence in the Argentine capital.

A recreation of the gala ball for the students of the three wizard schools participating in the tournament was held - Beauxbatons, Durmstrang and Hogwarts - along with the rest of the activities that take place each year.

Standing out among those activities are the costume contest for children and adults, the reading of a chapter of the saga and a question and answer contest about the "Goblet of Fire."

During the day, a multitude of young fanatics of the saga were in evidence, but also many families, which stoically waited in long lines to take photos with the Sorting Hat, try their hand at the virtual reality games and even participate in a game of "quidditch," the famous sport with flying brooms that Harry was involved in.

Veronica Ovelar - who declared she didn't want to miss the event and attended with her daughter, her sister and a friend - said that one of the keys to the fantastic saga is that is "crosses generations."

"I'm 40 years old. I read the first (books) when I was much younger ... It was really good," she told EFE.

Ovelar emphasized the satisfaction she felt seeing so many fans of the saga getting together for the event.

"We're all spread out all over the world, and suddenly over a pin or something else that some other person has your eyes meet," she said, wearing a full Hogwart students outfit.

Meanwhile, Tomas Mantaras said he really liked J.K. Rowling's Potter saga, expressing surprise at seeing the level of enthusiasm of many of the event's attendees.

"It's like a really crazy thing, and even moreso with the heat (in the Argentine capital these days, up to 36 C, or 97 F), that people want to get dressed up, and it seems like it's fun, too. I'd never do it, but it looks like fun," he said.

"Harry Potter Book Night" is an initiative started six years ago by the Bloomsbury publishing house, the first to publish the famous wizard saga, and similar events are held on the first Thursday of February all over the world.

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